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I am committed to excellence, seeking innovation, integrity, and most importantly, my client relationships. My passion is to help clients pursue their financial and investment goals. My focus is on developing investment strategies and making decisions that are custom-tailored for each of my clients. I understand the most appropriate choices are ones right for my clients, not generic off-the-shelf advice or solutions sold to thousands of investors.

The centerpiece of my strategy is independence; the ability to select the most appropriate choice for you, no matter the source. I’m committed to providing helpful guidance and personalized customer service. Mollan Financial is an independent financial consulting practice dedicated to providing objective consulting and services. At times, I act as a family office; other times, I serve as a resource to an existing arrangement. I assist families in the pursuit of enjoying the wealth they have created.

Wealth management requires a client-oriented focus that brings together a broad array of services, enabling clients to work towards preserving seek to preserve and potentially enhance their wealth while enjoying its benefits. While the foundation of these capabilities is investment management, wealth management also requires a wide range of other professional skills, including retirement, estate, tax, and financial planning. To that end, I have comprised a team of dedicated professionals covering all these areas of expertise.

My professional staff is also experienced in serving as an intermediary and advocate for the family. I utilize sophisticated software to provide my clients and their advisors with a single, secure, integrated, web-based financial planning tool to access their financial data and records. My Wealth Management System allows you to be organized, up to date, and securely view all of your financial accounts, tax and legal documents, insurance coverage’s, and strategic plans.

Diverse goals often compete for resources. You may need help in prioritizing your financial objectives and incorporating them into a cohesive plan. I act as your personal CFO and help you prioritize your goals and determine which strategies may compliment your personal financial objectives now and in the future. In addition to developing strategies for estate planning, retirement planning, and other significant goals, I offer suggestions regarding a number of other financial decisions. These varied disciplines can be integrated and coordinated to meet all of a client’s needs or utilized on an independent basis as a client sees fit.

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